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The Hazardous Environments Event is live! Check out the Update Notes here. See you on our servers!

We Need More Arms!

April 09, 2020 19:49 • Creators.TF Blog

Welcome to Day 3! Today, we're introducing and showing off stats of 4 new custom weapons that will be in this event.

See you tomorrow for Day 4 when all of this stuff release for real!

New and Better!

April 08, 2020 19:33 • Creators.TF Blog

Welcome to Day 2! Today, we're introducing a completely brand new feature that will make your gameplay experience more colorful and a remake to one of our most used pieces.

See you tomorrow for Day 3!

During the announcement of Half-Life: Alyx, we thought "Let's make a Half-Life themed event!", so that's what we did.

Starting today, we're introducing the Hazardous Environments event! A 4-day event themed around the Half-Life franchise. In this first day, we're showing off our very own in-house made SFM short film, new community-maps to be introduced into the rotation, and a new set of cosmetics themed around, you guessed it, Half-Life!

There have been many hints and teasers of this update, and some people may even say there was an ARG(?) so, if you're even remotely interested in seeing those and much more, you can join us in our official Discord server.

We very much look forward to working with the community to implement more fun, new, and interesting content in the year of 2020. See you tomorrow for Day 2!

Also, wash your hands!

Before our next update launches, one of the biggest pieces of feedback we've recieved is that we need more volunteer moderators to keep up with the rising demand. Well, this post is designed to address that.

If you've got tons of experience under your belt, or if you're just wanting to help out, you can apply to help moderate the Discord or Game Servers today!
You can apply to be a volunteer moderator by filling out this form.

For anything else, join the Discord or email support@creators.tf if you have questions or concerns.

- Creators.TF Team

As we stated in one of our previous blog posts, we will be releasing both minor and major events. At the moment, our team is working very hard on our next major event, which is set to release later this month. We understand that waiting can be difficult, so we decided to provide you with 3 new Workshop maps that you can try out: Vigil, Fifthcurve and Kalinka. Don't forget to vote for these maps on Steam Workshop if you want them to be introduced officially!

We have also updated the Creators campaign on the community Contracker to include contracts for these new maps. Don't forget to reinstall asset pack for faster load times! Thanks, and have fun.

View the patch notes here!

- Creators.TF Team

New Beginning is live!

February 13, 2020 17:48 • Creators.TF Blog

Old times, best times. I'm sure most of you will all agree that it was better in the olden days. Currently, the style of Team Fortress 2 has radically evolved from what it began as. While this isn't a bad thing, you sometimes just want to take a trip down memory lane. Nobody can truly recreate an old atmosphere, but we can definitely try our best! In other words, we're creating a New Beginning.

Meet a brand new event from Creators.TF entirely focused on old school content you would expect to see in the early days of Team Fortress 2. Starting off, we're giving you 5 new maps from the community that should remind you of some official maps from the olden days. Please enjoy playing Synthetic, Isotope, BaleOfHay, ClearCut and Stranded!

Although maps alone might not do the trick, they'll definitely bring back that unique gravelly smell. Maybe some new cosmetics will help make sure that scent isn't forgotten. That's right, we're introducing the New Beginning cosmetic collection, with 10 new community-made cosmetics we felt were fitting enough to be introduced in the context of this event.

Along with this update, if you take a look at our Contracker, you can see that 2 new campaigns are available.
The "new_beginning" campaign is similar to last time - there will be limited-time contracts based on content introduced in this month's event. The "creators" campaign is a brand-new, non-expiring campaign, and will be continuously updated with new contracts! This means that even after an event is finished, you'll still have plenty to do!

After many, many requests, we've finally introduced the Scrapping feature. You can now scrap your unwanted items for a certain amount of Mann Coins!
Say hello to Creators.TF, Brazil! Two new servers were added in Brazil, so Brazilian players can now enjoy our content without having high ping.

And, thanks to our amazing Patrons, we've been able to launch servers in new locations as well as increase the capacity and performance of our existing ones.
We hope you enjoy the new event! And, as always, if you have any questions, reports, or suggestions, feel free to get in touch with us via support@creators.tf or our Discord server.

This event will run until March 1st.

View the patch notes here!

- Creators.TF Team

A Message About Updates

February 05, 2020 22:28 • Creators.TF Blog

Over the past few months, Creators.TF grew a lot, and along with this growth has come a lot of user feedback. With this in mind, people have been expecting major themed updates from us every month or so. While this was our vision at first, we have since decided to change our approach of the way we release new content. Our original goal was to try to release major events once every month but, after the release of Self-Made Smissmas, we realized this would be impossible.

First off, we will be separating events into two different formats: major and minor. Minor events will happen every 3-4 weeks, normally between the gap of major events, and will usually consist of adding new maps, removing old maps, and introducing new contracts. On top of that, we might add a pack of new cosmetic items in some of these events. These minor events will often not have a specific theme attached to them, and as such will be considered general events. This way, we can have high replayability on our servers.

With that out of the way, let's talk about the exciting news: major events. As the name implies, these events require a lot more work, and will be releasing every 2-3 months. These events will include brand new features, mechanics, an update page, maps, cosmetics, and contract campaigns. They will always have a theme, and yes, we are looking forward to making some events based on community projects such as Frontline!, Mayann Project and others!

Also, we just released a new set of rules. Take a look at them and tell us what you think.

As always, if you have any questions, reports or suggestions feel free to get in touch with us via support@creators.tf or our Discord server.

- Creators.TF Team

Greetings! In the near future, we plan to make some changes to our project based on the feedback that we've received over the course of two months.

To improve variety in our map rotation we've decided to add a few official TF2 maps into our servers. Which ones? You decide - we ask you to choose your favorite maps from a poll. The top 3 maps from each game mode will be included in the rotation of our upcoming event.

UPDATE: Poll over! Thank you for voting!

- Creators.TF Team

Patreon Tags are live!

February 02, 2020 16:09 • Creators.TF Blog

Hello everyone! We added one of the perks you were promised for becoming a patron! Check the post on our Patreon page to get more info!

- Creators.TF Team

Patreon Chat Name Tags are live!

Hi, dear patrons of the Creators.TF project. Thank you for your support and desire to help. Recently, when we officially published our Patreon page, we indicated that, as a bonus...