Yeah, I'm returning to this project. Hopefully you guys, gals and non-binary pals enjoy.

Important details for Valve: (taken from readme.txt in the file but slightly edited)

This workshop submission contains all the texture (vtf) files required to make the default Fire Axe compatible with the War Paint system. It works with all pre-existing War Paints, and should also work for future War Paints as well. I tested these with the Back Scratcher, which is why the files are labeled "c_back_scratcher_<>" and "p_back_scratcher_<>".

c_back_scratcher = regular fire axe texture, same as c_fireaxe
p_back_scratcher_albedo = "albedo" texture, desaturated and greyscaled texture
_ao = ambient occlusion, generated by myself
_groups_0<1-3> = groups textures for war paint application. 01 is slightly different to 02 and 03, in the grip area.

If this gets added to the game, I can see that it wouldn't be easy to allow revenue share with me as I have just done effectively community-made fixes as others have done before to the item schema and similar changes. Whether I get a Community Sparkle Fire Axe or something else (or even anything asides from a credit in the changelog) is completely up to you.