2fort reskin that overhauls aesthetics, balance, and overall gameplay.

To turn off custom color correction, use console command mat_colorcorrection 0.

To use bots, use tf_bot_add [number], and set difficulty with tf_bot_difficulty [1 - 3] (without brackets). Engineer bots DO NOT WORK in CTF without mods, but the map/nav is designed for Engi bot nests in mind.

Best played with mat_specular 1 and mat_hdr_level 2

Gameplay changes from 2FORT:
- Huge geometry changes
- Eliminated getting "caught" on geometry and models // Smoothed all clipping
- The team's intelligence that was just capped will be "disabled" for pickup during the offending team's 10 second crit effect. This may have unintended bot AI effects for that duration.
- Primary spawns moved slightly closer to the action
- Primary spawns have a one-way door to the courtyard now
- Primary spawn doors have windows now
- New item packs placed, other item packs shifted
- Flaming barrels on the streets will light arrows
- Dropped intel will return after 30 seconds. After being dropped again, the timer will not completely reset.
- 30 minute timer added. If there's no winner by then, it is a draw.

Other major geometry changes not listed above:
- Center of the map is a death pit.
- The bridge is wider with more obstacles; The rooftop was removed for an unfinished flat overpass with the same width as default 2fort's map.
- Ramps added to connect sewer entrances to the front door areas
- Sewers are shorter now, and lack water.
- A room/alcove was added to the outsides of each entrance.
- A room was added to connect the sewer exit area to the "grate room".
- Intel was opened up a bit.
- Basement "rescue cabinet" room has been removed and replaced with a medium ammo pack.

Have fun and enjoy the easter eggs, gamers!

Discord: [MZ]Joseph?#6093

If you're having trouble finding the map on the list using Create Server, try putting this in console:
map workshop/2001057687

Or try this guide: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=698999117

UPDATE 4/25/20: Updated the map to allow nav mesh to work on dedicated servers downloading from the workshop.