Have you ever thought : "Mann, I wish I could show my music under some spotlights!" ?

Fear not, the Killer Octave unusual set is here for you! Introducing 4 colors which are :
-The Mercenary's solo ! (White)
-The Mann's Music ! (Blue)
-The Botanist Bongo ! (Green/Yellow)
-The Jazzy Violet ! (Purple)

With this unusual taunt effect, show off your best music taunts under some delicious notes or dance around with a disco theme and happy mercenaries!

Credits :
Sarkness - Unusual conception and creation
Laurennntiu - Promos and Video
AnthoSora - Unusual Helper and Tester

(Laurennntiu and Anthosora cannot be included in the contributors list, so please recommend them from me if you can in their profile!)

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